This page has the collections of Dr.R.Jayachandran's Literary Talks

AUDIO 1. Arulneri Palkalaikazhakam(Size:6.19MB Length:54Minutes 03Seconds)

AUDIO 2. Arulneri Penniyam in Annamalai Palkalaikazhakam March 2012(Size:12.5MB Length:27Minutes 23Seconds)

AUDIO 3. Arulneri Nookil Pathitrupathu(Size:5.98MB Length:52Minutes 12Seconds)

AUDIO 4. Kanini Sar Thanvaralaru(Size:138MB Length:1Hour 40Minutes 46Seconds)

AUDIO 5. Tamizh Nirai Kanini(Size:6.12MB Length:53Minutes 27Seconds)

AUDIO 6. Tamizhil thunaimai thozhilnutpa payanpaadu(Size:2.71MB Length:23Minutes

AUDIO 7. Kaninikan uruvakathittam in Kovai(Size:3.07MB Length:26Minutes 48Seconds)

AUDIO 8. Aaraaychi Tamizh(Size:87.3MB Length:1Hour 35Minutes 27Seconds)

AUDIO 9. Nooliyal(Size:8.76MB Length:1Hour 16Minutes 30Seconds)

AUDIO 10. Sindhanaiyum Velipauadum(Size:2.29MB Length:20Minutes 01Seconds)

AUDIO 11. Ilakiyakolkai 1(Size:3.1MB Length:26Minutes 19Seconds)

AUDIO 12. Ilakiyakolkai 2(Size:4.90MB Length:42Minutes 48Seconds)

AUDIO 13. Ilakiyakolkai 3(Size:5.50MB Length:48Minutes 1Seconds)

AUDIO 14. Kalvi Niruvana Melaanmai(Size:6MB Length:52Minutes 23Seconds)

AUDIO 15. Senthamil valarchi(Size:6.87MB Length:59Minutes 58Seconds)

AUDIO 16. DRJ & thavaHour discussion 04-06-2013(Size:59.5MB Length:1Hour 05Minutes 02Seconds)

AUDIO 17. j.kirshnamurti by rj(Size:27MB Length:58Minutes 59Seconds)

AUDIO 18. Ulaga Panpadu-1(Size:2.75MB Length:24Minutes 04Seconds)

AUDIO 19. Ulaga Panpadu-2(Size:8.17MB Length:1Hour 11Minutes 24Seconds)

AUDIO 20. Srivilliputhoor1 Karupasami 1 about rj 10 pm 26-6-2011 by
karupasami(Size:22.5MB Length:49Minutes 17Seconds)

AUDIO 21. Srivilliputhoor2 rj 1 10 pm 06-26-2011(Size:21.8MB Length:47Minutes

AUDIO 22.Oli Perum Vizhigal Vaanoli Sorpozhivu(Size:1.10MB Length:9Minutes

AUDIO 23. Vallalaarin Kolkaikalum Nadaimorai Vaaippukalum(Size:8.53MB Length:1Hour
14Minutes 30Seconds)

AUDIO 24. akavazhi payanam(Size:5.63 MB Length: 49Minutes 30Seconds)

AUDIO 25. CET anual meeting 0303216(Size:9.92 MB Length:1Hour
26Minutes 33Seconds)

AUDIO 26. enadhu malasia payanam 24-03-2016 at university of anex(Size:8.20 MB Length:1Hour
11Minutes 25Seconds)

AUDIO 27.sittrilakiya sindhanaikal 20-02-2016 annaivailet colege(Size:7.58 MB Length:1Hour
6Minutes 7Seconds)

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